Bonus për Jackpot City Casino

50x Luaj me Kazino
Maksimumi $ 116000 Max
Bonus shtesë: EUR 700 Online Turneu në Kazino Vëllezërit Boom NetEnt Lojë me Slot

$ 630 chip falas për kazino përditësuar: Prill 23, 2018 Author: Tim Villani

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  • Hamkat Racca
    Hamkat Racca

    The aim of Let it ride is to ascertain how good a poker hand is made from the player’s three cards and the two community cards. After a player sees his cards he has the option of withdrawing one of his bets or letting them all ride. Once all the players have made their moves the dealer turns one of his cards face up. Now each player knows four of the five cards that will make up his final hand. It is time for him to make the next call. If his hand appears weak he can withdraw one of his bets, irrespective of the action taken in the first move. If his hand appears strong then he can let his remaining bets ride. At the end of this round players will have one, two or all their bets on the table. The dealer now turns his second card face up. Simultaneously the players turn their cards face up. Each of the bets on the table is paid out as per a predefined payout schedule.